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BrainPOP & Game Developers: Changing the Way Kids Learn

Posted by SM Bruner on

BrainPOP & Game Developers play nicely together, which is why the concepts of feedback and partnership are at the core of GameUp, BrainPOP’s learning games portal. By definition, GameUp is a place where teachers can access a breadth of cross-curricular titles from dozens of best-in-class game creators, as well as resources that support the games’ use in class.

We rely heavily on “POPstar” teachers and their students for feedback on what works and what doesn’t: they’re asked to test drive new games in class, then talk to us openly about their experience. The feedback they provide dictates the improvements we make and shapes the way we meet our end-users’ needs.

GameUp encourages visitors to “suggest a game,” providing one more way for stakeholders to weigh in. Additionally, we host a series of free webinars featuring gaming teachers, game developers, and other related subject matter experts to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices.