April Curriculum Connections

January Curriculum Connections

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Happy New Year!

Keep this list of BrainPOP movies handy this month as you plan how to integrate BrainPOP into your curriculum:

♦ January 9: The 37th president of the United States was born on this day in 1913; show our Richard Nixon movie and learn all about his legacy. Also, show our United Nations movie on the anniversary of the organization’s 1951 headquarters opening.

January 10: Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” was published on this date in 1776; put that in context with our Declaration of Independence and American Revolution movies.

January 11: Don your aviator sunglasses and show our Amelia Earhart movie; the famed pilot flew solo from Hawaii to California on this date in 1935.

♦ January 12: Help make sense of the devastation that struck Haiti one year ago today: show our Earthquakes and Natural Disasters movies.

♦ January 15: Wikipedia celebrates its 10th anniversary today; get the information you need with our Online Sources movie.

January 17: He’s so much more than just a pretty face on a $100 bill: watch our Benjamin Franklin movie on this U.S. founding father’s birthday. Plus, show our Martin Luther King, Jr. movie on the day we observe his birthday.

♦ January 20: On astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s birthday, our Apollo Project movie is out of this world.

January 23: It’s a stroke of genius to show our Painting, Impressionism, and Portraits movies on artist Edouard Manet’s birthday.

January 24: Voyager II made its closest approach to our solar system’s seventh planet on this date in 1986. Find out more about the blue-green planet in our Uranus movie.

January 27: It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. Explain the horrors of one of history’s darkest periods with our Holocaust movie.

January 28: Take a moment to remember the Challenger disaster on its 25th anniversary; our Space Flight movie is a useful resource.

January 29: Happy birthday to one of the world’s biggest TV personalities and philanthropists! In case you weren’t sure who that is …light the candles and show our movie on Oprah Winfrey.

January 30: On his birthday, snap out of that depression with our Franklin D. Roosevelt movie.