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December Curriculum Spotlights

Posted by SM Bruner on

Each month, BrainPOP highlights movie topics and other resources that may be relevant to your curriculum. Our Curriculum Spotlight page gives you a yearlong overview of all BrainPOP resources related to the spotlight. You can also use our Curriculum Spotlight Lesson Plan Collections page to skip right to the educator resources.

For December we’re spotlighting:

Winter and Snow: Students can learn about hibernation, avalanches, the tundra, snowflakes, and more!

Music: Have students explore various genres of music, and learn more about famous musicians. Be sure to check out our collection of Music Lesson Plans for ideas on integrating these movie topics into your instruction.

We also offer a Winter Holidays movie and a variety of other movie topics related to holidays.

How are you planning to use BrainPOP in December? We’d love for you to share your ideas in the comments.