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Tips for Using BrainPOP at Home During the Holiday Break

Posted by SM Bruner on

Would your students benefit from participating in fun, informal learning activities during their holiday break? Share this post with children and their parents to provide great opportunities for learning with BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. throughout the holiday season!

Explore our Winter and Snow Spotlight: Students can learn about hibernation, avalanches, the tundra, snowflakes, and more!

Check out our Winter Holidays movie: This is a great way to learn about the origins of and traditions surrounding the winter holidays. Students can also explore our other movie topics related to holidays.

Let students watch a movie on any topic they choose: We offer lots of engaging movies that might not fit into students’ regular curriculum. Allow kids to use their time off from school to learn more about Boogers, Robots, Pirates, Hip-Hop and Rap, Photography, or any other interest they might have.

Encourage students to become experts on a subject they are passionate about: Allow them to explore an entire unit’s worth of movies. They can complete the corresponding activities provided for each movie, or share what they learned in a video, podcast, poster, presentation, or other project.

Do your students use BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. during their time off from school? We’d love to hear your ideas for extending their learning!