Concept Mapping with BrainPOP’s Make-A-Map Tool

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Have you tried Make-a-Map yet? BrainPOP Movie watching becomes interactive with our Make-a-Map tool. Click the “Make-a-Map” button on any topic page and give it a try!

The movie appears in the upper left corner, when you get to an important moment,  click the camera icon to take a “snapshot” and place the image on the canvas.  Continue building the concept-map with keywords, images and clips from any movie on BrainPOP.  Connecting snapshots and labeling the connectors encourages students to transform information into knowledge.

Want to get started, check out our “Getting Started with Make-a-Map” page that includes  an archived overview webinar –  describing the theories of concept mapping and the mechanics of the tool, the clear step-guide, exemplar maps created with the tool, and teacher testimonials.  And, don’t forget to check out our new movie on Concept Mapping.