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Participate in UCLA’s Game Based Learning Research Study

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Our friends from UCLA’s CRESST are conducting a game based learning research study about building science and social emotional skills with “Go Vector Go” and “Spaceforce;” 2 games featured on BrainPOP’s GameUp. If you are interested in using games with your students and participating in the research study, read on!

What do we want to do?

The ENGAGE Project Research Goals are to:

  • Help young children learn science!
  • Develop games backed by high-quality research!
  • Generate valuable assets for the educational gaming field!

What do we want you to do?

Become a research participant!

We are seeking teachers and students to provide help us test educational video games in grades K-6. If you are interested, please contact us for more information. We welcome players from all over the world to join us!

If you choose to participate, students will be asked to play a video game that teaches science and/or social and emotional concepts. Some students may be asked to also complete additional assessment items as a pretest and post-test and provide feedback about the game.

Participation in this study is voluntary and confidential. All information we gather will be confidential and not shared with anyone in such a way to identify individuals or link them to specific responses. Participants may withdraw at any time for any reason with no consequences.

Who are we?

We are the National Center for the Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST) at UCLA.

For the ENGAGE project, CRESST is leveraging efforts from prior work as the Center for Advanced Technologies in Schools (funded by the Institute of Education Sciences) to conduct high-quality research on games that are designed to help young children learn physics, scientific reasoning, problem solving, and social and emotional skills.

CRESST is part of an interdisciplinary team of designers, developers, and artists that developed Spaceforce and Go Vector Go – both now available here on BrainPOP:


Space Force Physics Game Assessment Ideas

SpaceForce sends you on a journey across the solar system aboard the starship Copernicus. Accompanied by your friends, you will use the power of force, motion, and mass to recover the lost treasures of the Queen’s Galactic Council. SpaceForce was produced by Intific in collaboration with CRESST and funded by DARPA.



Pasted_Image_11_7_14_5_37_PMGo Vector Go A solo adventure with Vector the Train. Control the forces of thrust and friction to guide Vector through each level. Go Vector Go was produced by CRESST in collaboration with SimInsights and was also funded by DARPA.