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3 Reasons Classroom, Inc. Loves Partnering with BrainPOP’s GameUp

Posted by SM Bruner on

It’s been a true honor for us at BrainPOP to present Classroom, Inc.’s After the Storm: Day One and The Sports Network 2 on GameUp. Not only are the games of the highest quality and incredibly valuable for teachers and students, but Classroom Inc. has also done an incredible job creating teacher support resources for their games and allowing us to make them available to BrrainPOP users.

We feel so lucky to collaborate with Classroom, Inc. as GameUp partners, and according to a recent article on their site, the feeling is mutual! Anne Richards, VP Product Development, has written about the experience of getting Classroom, Inc.’s games featured on BrainPOP, and shares why she has enjoyed partnering with us.

Here are the three reasons Anne identifies and some excerpts from her reasoning:

1) BrainPOP Makes It Easy: One of the great things about collaborating with BrainPOP on After the Storm: Day One has been getting the GameUp team’s input on how the experience should best be shaped for teachers and students encountering it for the first time.

2) BrainPOP Has the Trust of Its Audience: BrainPOP is used in over 20% of schools in the United States—not to mention many internationally—and that’s not even counting the many parents, homeschoolers, and other individuals who sign up for their online resources. You don’t get to those kinds of numbers without having the trust of your audience.

3) BrainPOP Curates Carefully: BrainPOP curates its games very carefully and considers a wide range of factors, from their curricular value to the length of experience appropriate for classroom use, and thoughtfully pairs games with supplemental lessons and materials that allow teachers to quickly and easily integrate the games into their classrooms.

Check out the full article to read more of Anne’s thoughts on the partnering process and why she says, “anyone who’s interested in learning games—or education in general—should be paying attention to what BrainPOP is doing and learning from its approach.”