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7 ways to differentiate lessons with BrainPOP

Posted by SM Bruner on

How can you use a single BrainPOP movie to differentiate lessons and meet the needs of ALL students in your class? Here are 7 suggested ways for meeting the needs of both struggling students and advanced learners:

1) Play the movie with the sound off and read the closed captioning together. This will help students practice reading with fluency and expression, and allow you to pause to do any vocabulary-building exercises students may need. Afterward, turn the sound back on and play the movie again.

2) Play the movie with the sound off and have students narrate it. This is a great activity for after students have watched the movie with the sound on, as it allows them to practice retelling it in their own words.

3) Use the pause button to break movies into smaller, more manageable chunks. Students can turn and talk to a partner during the pause to summarize the important points.

4) Allow students to type directly into the activity pages and graphic organizers provided for the movie. Struggling writers may get frustrated with handwriting their assignments. Try allowing kids to type instead.

5) Print the quiz for students who need extra time.  Allow them to read through the quiz and think about their answers before taking the quiz as a class so they can prepare to participate successfully.

6) Use the Hard Quiz/Easy Quiz options in BrainPOP Jr.  Students can work in small groups, partnerships, or individually to complete the quiz best suited for them before and/or after watching the movie.

7) Use the Quiz Mixer to create your own quiz questions, including text-based and essay questions. This screencast will give you helpful tips from a teacher, guiding you in creating your own personalized assessments with the Mixer.

 How do you differentiate instruction with BrainPOP? Please share your ideas in the comments.