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Log On and Learn: BrainPOP’s October Webinar Schedule

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BrainPOP Educators is excited to announce our PD-packed webinar schedule for the month of October! Each week we’ll be hosting free webinars covering a variety of topics. All of our webinars are free and open to anyone who’s interested in catching some professional development. Don’t worry if you can’t attend the live sessions- we archive all of our webinars!

Click through the links to view a full description and register for the events. 

  • Thursday, October 2
    4:30 pm ET
    BrainPOP for the Year Ahead
    With school back in full swing, join us for a webinar covering all things BrainPOP.
  • Week of October 20th
  • Wednesday, October 29
    3:30 pm ET
    BrainPOP ELL: Supporting English Language Learners
    Get acquainted with BrainPOP ELL and all of its supporting resources, including the new apps and placement test designed to assess students’ proficiency and guide them to a starting point.