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Back to School 2014 with BrainPOP

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Labor day has passed, and school is back in session!  Here are some ideas for using BrainPOP during the first few weeks of school.

1) Set up My BrainPOP with your students.

Did you know that your students can now submit quiz scores, activity pages, game snapshots and even concept maps directly to teachers using My BrainPOP?  When students set up personal My BrainPOP accounts, they activate these features and more! Get started by viewing our collection of My BrainPOP support materials.

2) The all important first 6 weeks!

This collection of Back to School Lesson Plans perfectly complements our “Back to School” spotlight collection of BrainPOP topics. Use BrainPOP resources to establish your no bullying policies, help students deal with back to school stress, consider best practices for Internet use and more!  Building classroom culture can be lots of fun, and we have endless ideas for integrating Tim and Moby into your process.

3) Learn new Features – on YOUR time!

BrainPOP Educators has over 100 new tutorial videos including screencasts, archived webinars and more to help you get started – or make strides – with all our new tools.  We’ve also put together “getting started” collections of videos, step guides and more in our “help” menu.

4) Did you know we have Primary Sources?

Over the next few months you’ll find tons of new “primary source” materials on the “activities” button on each BrainPOP page. You’ll find thoughtful questions and a link to the primary source material that students can view and analyze.

























How are you using BrainPOP to begin the schoolyear? Let us know in the comments!