My BrainPOP for Administrators

My BrainPOP for Administrators

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Great news- The My BrainPOP Administrator Dashboard is coming soon! With this additional feature, administrators will have the ability to retrieve usage data from an entire school including the number of logins, most popular BrainPOP topics at the school, and most active educators. Administrators will also have the ability to create and manage My BrainPOP accounts and see login information, the number of classes, and more. Knowing who your superstar BrainPOP educators are will be very helpful in identifying individuals who could be a good resource when it comes time for trainings and coordinating professional development.  Administrators will also be able to access the school’s BrainPOP subscription information so they know when it’s time to renew.

Admin USage BLURR

We’ve received a number of requests for the ability to create multiple accounts at one time and we’re thrilled to share that we’ve included this functionality in the My BrainPOP Admin Dashboard. While students and teachers can continue to create their own My BrainPOP accounts like they’ve done in the past, the Admin Dashboard allows a tech coordinator/administrator to upload a CSV and create accounts in bulk – for everyone! Once accounts are created, teachers then will log in with their personal username and set up classes. Using individual class codes, teachers will invite students to join and log in with their accounts.

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Stay tuned as we’ll be adding more features including district administrator privileges, various SSO integration, and more! If you’re interested in gaining access to the Admin Dashboard, please get in touch (