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Cool Science Careers: Imagine Yourself Role-Playing Science Game

Posted by SM Bruner on

Our partner, Rice University, has another fantastic science game featured on BrainPOP’s GameUp! It’s called Cool Science Careers: Imagine Yourself, and it’s designed to help students in grades 5-8 explore four different science career fields: Neuropsychology, Toxicology, Epidemiology, and Neurobiology. Through game play, students can virtually try out activities that are typical to each career, including testing for effects of drugs on the hippocampus, learning how inhalants affect animals, and researching the effects of steroids.

This is a great game for helping students learn more about potential career paths. The educational requirements for each science field can be found on the bulletin boards in the virtual rooms. At the end of each simulation, students will receive certificates that can be saved to the computer and printed, if desired.

Visit the Cool Science Careers: Imagine Yourself lesson ideas page which includes a complete lesson plan and ideas for extending student learning. You’ll also find several scavenger hunt-style worksheets students can use when playing the game: we recommend having students look over the questions in the activity page prior to game play to familiarize themselves with the learning outcomes, and then answer the questions as they complete each section of the game. Another idea is to have students complete the worksheets after game play in order to reflect on their learning.

Each worksheet includes the open-ended questions What part of this career appeals to you? and What part of this career do you not like? These are helpful questions for students to think about at the end of game play, and perhaps to discuss with other students as they think consider their career choices.