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New on GameUp: MedMyst Animal Alert Science Game

Posted by SM Bruner on

MedMyst Animal Alert is a brand new science game from our partner, Rice University. Designed for students in grades 5-12, MedMyst Animal Alert allows students to take on the role of epidemiologists, microbiologists, and veterinarians. Students will experience how members of each field work as a team to stop an infectious disease outbreak, root out its causes, and save the local population.

Our lesson plan provides background information on the game and ideas for using it with your students. You can also download the Myst Animal Alert Mission Debrief, which provides a quick overview of the three game play paths.

MedMyst Animal Alert Activity Sheet

Rice University provides printable mission logs you can provide students to help guide their thinking during game play. There are three versions of the mission logs, one for each game path. If you have the entire class role play the same career, you’ll only need the mission log for that game path. If you want students to choose their own path, you can either print a variety of logs and have students take the one that corresponds to the path they chose, or provide the link to students and have them download and print the log they need. You might also want to have students explore all three game paths and then complete a mission log for the one they like best.

Visit our lesson ideas page for more information on the game and links to all of our MedMyst Animal Alert resources.