Make Your Own BrainPOP Animation

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Interested in making your own BrainPOP animation? Emily Smith leads “The Hive Society” a 5th grade Language Arts teacher at Cunningham Elementary in Austin TX. This year alone her student “scholars” have created HivexRadio – with shows like “StoryCorps” and “This Mathematical Life” and a TED like event entitled xHive!  So when Ms. Smith expressed interest in having the students create their own BrainPOP movies – we were excited to help out.

Ms. Smith introduced the project by sharing BrainPOP’s collection of student made projects – these provided inspiration and guidance for how to structure the animations. Next the scholars had to identify topics about which to design their animations.  They settled on “creativity” and “gender stereotypes!”  Students then began researching,  outlining and script writing!

Over the next few weeks we’ll share progress on this project.  If you’re creating BrainPOP movies with your students – please share with us – we’d love to tell your story as well!