Jelly Bean: A Fun Online Game for Number Sense

Posted by SM Bruner on

Our fantastic partners at PlayPower Labs have released a wonderful math game to help students with counting, number sense, and math facts, and you can now find Jelly Bean live on BrainPOP’s GameUp and GameUp Jr.! This is a great game for students in grades K-4, as it encompasses lots of number sense skills at varying degrees of difficulty.

Jelly Bean is divided into three levels, making it easy for you to differentiate game play for your students. Depending on the activity area and level you select, students can practice basic addition and subtraction, become familiar with arrays and combinations, and estimate larger numbers. We love that the game offers a timed/untimed option so all of your students can be successful. You can find more tips and tricks for Jelly Bean in our lesson plan.

Stay tuned to the blog for more exciting announcements about new additions to GameUp Jr. And since we’re always on the hunt for more free, high-quality educational games to add to our collection, please share your favorites in the comments!