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Code Fred: a New Science Game Now on GameUp

Posted by SM Bruner on

We’re excited to feature another incredible free science game by our partners at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago! You may already be familiar with The Museum’s Simple Machines game. If so, we know you’ll enjoy their latest offering, Code Fred: Survival Mode. It’s comprised of a series of mini games which allow students to jump inside the human body and participate in physiological processes.

During game play, the character Fred is attempting to outrun danger in the woods. In one mini-game, students are tasked with helping Fred run faster; in another, they must build a blood clot to help heal a wolf bite. Other mini-games challenge students to prioritize energy intake to the most critical organs, and even fight bacteria invaders after Fred gets sneezed on in the woods.

You can learn more about the game and find out how to integrate the game into grades 5-11 science instruction through our Code Fred lesson plan.

What games do you use to help teach science concepts? Please share your suggestions in the comment section. You never know–your favorite game might be featured on GameUp in the near future!