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If you’ve ever played Addition Blocks, you know how fun (and addictive!) it can be to practice adding numbers through a well-designed game. BrainPOP is excited to announce we have a fantastic new offering for you from Fluency Games called Multiplication Blocks!

Multiplication Blocks was created by teacher Marty Esterman to help children practice mental math skills. If your students have already learned their multiplication facts and need to move them to long-term memory, or if they need help recalling specific facts, Multiplication Blocks is a super engaging way for them to practice.

There are several ways that Multiplication Blocks differs from typical games that provide times tables practice:

• It’s a real and engaging game, not a speed drill
• It uses repetition to reinforce practice: only a defined set of products and digits are used
• It provides immediate feedback via sounds and graphics when players destroy target blocks
• Each level has a time limit, along with the falling target block
• It encourages persistence: players can keep attempting to find answers, even if they have to guess
• It allows for failure, as there are no penalties for wrong answers
• The game gradually increases in difficulty: levels increase in target product and use higher digits

You can easily differentiate the game for students by clicking “Options” and then selecting a specific speed and level of difficulty. We recommend the following:

2nd – 3rd grade Speed: Slow; Difficulty: Easy
3rd – 4th Grade: Speed: Normal; Difficulty: Easy
4th – 5th Grade: Speed: Slow; Difficulty: Normal
5th Grade + up: Speed: Normal; Difficulty: Normal

Want to learn more? Watch the game trailer to view Multiplication Blocks in action, enjoy an archived webinar with game creator Marty Esterman, or explore our game lesson plan and assessment ideas.

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