When Earthquakes Strike, Think of Moby!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

You never know when something you learned on BrainPOP will come in handy!  5th grade teacher Kathy Roventini recognized this last week when she found herself in the middle of an Earthquake!  She writes:

I just wanted to say thank you. Recently I was at the ASCD conference in Los Angeles. One morning, as I was preparing to leave for the convention center, an earthquake hit. I ran into the doorway for shelter. As I braced myself, I recalled the BrainPOP video we watched last week on Earthquakes for our Landforms unit. Tim & Moby suggested protecting yourself under a table. As I headed under the table, the shaking stopped, thankfully. I am now safely home in New York but have been thinking all day about the tidbits that Tim & Moby pass along to the kids every time we share one of your videos. I know that they take away so much because of the fun, engaging way the material is presented. I have to thank my principal for renewing our BrainPOP subscription just a few weeks back. The students were literally in an uproar, classes wrote persuasive letters pleading to get Tim & Moby back! I love that the kids actually cared as much as the teachers did about losing a resource we’ve all come to depend on.

Since I’ve returned from the conference, I asked the students to start paying attention to the moments in their lives when they say to themselves, “oh yeah, I learned that on BrainPOP!”

Guest Blogger Kathy Roventini is a 5th grade ICT teacher in Sheepshead Bay, NY.  She’s been teaching for 18 years and using BrainPOP in her classroom and with her own children for 6 years.
Can you think of a time in your life when you acted based on some information that you learned by watching a BrainPOP video?  Let us know in the comments!