New on GameUp: CSI Flight Adventures Flight School

Posted by SM Bruner on

Teach your students about the basic physics behind functional aircrafts using one of our newest science games, CSI Flight Adventures Flight School. Brought to you by our partner, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Flight School enables kids to learn how to create model planes by building and testing digital foam aircrafts. They’ll discover which mechanical features affect flight patterns and movements such as pitch, yaw, and roll. Through the game, students will be able to test their planes and learn the physics of flight and the practicality of testing in the scientific method.

We have lots of terrific resources to help you integrate this science game into your curriculum: check out our lesson plan and game assessment tips. You can also explore the resources offered on the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis site, which include book and website recommendations and even a complete unit of study for forces of flight.

Flight School is the perfect supplement to another GameUp offering, CSI Flight Adventures: Forces of Flight, which teaches about basic plane mechanics and the physics that make aircraft flight possible, including the forces of lift, weight, drag, and thrust.