#Mobyliza! BrainPOP Español, Colombia, and You

Posted by Traci K. on

Connect with fellow educators a continent away – from the comfort of home! All you need is the hashtag #mobyliza.

In its most ambitious mobile learning project to date, the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will provide the country’s students with more than a million tablets, all pre-loaded with vetted educational resources including the BrainPOP Español Película del Día app. The BrainPOP Español team is on the road right now in Colombia, participating in a seven-city tour the Ministry set up to train teachers on the tablets and their newly available suite of tools. Ultimately, the initiative will reach about 90 percent of the country.

We think the best source for great teacher tips is teachers themselves. So we’re inviting you to help bolster our training efforts through Twitter and #mobyliza: in English or in Spanish, welcome your Colombian counterparts to the BrainPOP family and share some of your best practices. Give them a few examples of what you do with BrainPOP; tell them which areas of the sites you turn to the most; let them know how well kids respond to Moby. You might also ask students to participate. Have them tweet questions about life in Colombia. Describe something indigenous to your town or a place you’d take a Colombian class if they visited. In turn, we’ll be asking the teachers in Colombia to tweet you, so be sure to follow #mobyliza@BrainPOPEsp, and @brainpop on Twitter. We look forward to your ideas!

To our BrainPOP Español team, buena suerte, amigos!