New Year, New Ideas for Using BrainPOP

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

At BrainPOP we often say, there isn’t a right way to use BrainPOP, there are many ways to use BrainPOP!  At BrainPOP Educators, our goal is to share all the successful ways to use BrainPOP movies, activities, games, and features.

Need some quick tips and tricks for integrating BrainPOP into your instruction?  Check out our extensive ideas for integration and consider various approaches to bring BrainPOP into the classroom.  Does your school have a 24/7 subscription?  Are you flipping your instruction?  This list of ideas for using BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. at home, can help structure your homework assignments, or just provide ideas for students and parents can use on their own.

When it comes to project based learning, BrainPOP can provide inspiration for students to create their own movies!  In many cases, students choose a subject, write a script, plan a storyboard, act (or draw) the movie, edit and then share!  Need some inspiration and guidance for having students create their own? Check out this post from a POPstar teacher whose students took on the task to create their own animations, or check out our extensive archive of student made projects.

Do you have some creative ideas for using BrainPOP as more than just “a movie and a quiz?”  Be sure to share with us!