Learning Game, Construct-a-sauraus: Teaches About Dinosaurs

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GameUp and GameUp Jr. feature a brand new learning game

Construct-a-saurus  taps into children’s natural curiosity about dinosaurs.  This learning game is the perfect way for students to explore different dinosaur body parts and experiment to create their own dino as they learn about the physiology and lifestyle of dinosaurs.  Through creating their own dinosaur, students will learn how the body parts of real dinosaurs affected their balance and mobility. They will then be able to take the dino out into the wild and make choices, such as what it should it eat and how it should defend itself.  If students make successful choices, the dinosaur will survive and complete its journey through the wilderness.  Construct-a-saurus has lots of great game-based learning teacher support resources:

You can utilize this learning game in conjunction with BrainPOP Jr.’s Fossils and Extinct and Endangered Species movies if you teach K-2 students. With older students, try BrainPOP’s Dinosaurs, Fossils, or Extinction movies.

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Construct-a-Saurus Learning Game