BrainPOP’s Computer Science Unit is Available Free all Week

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Just in time for Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code,  BrainPOP has added a new unit to the technology section: Computer Science!  It replaces Computers & Internet, whose topics were split between the new unit and Digital Citizenship.  The Computer Science unit is available free of charge for the entire week.

The Computer Science unit is tightly focused on hardware and software technology, as well as some of their mathematical underpinnings. The new unit includes:

3-D Printing
Ada Lovelace
Cloud Computing
Computer History
Computer Mouse
Computer Programming
Computer Viruses
Data Storage Devices
Digital Animation
Email and IM
Graphing Linear Equations
Problem Solving with Tables
Video Games

Additionally, If you click through to GameUp, you will find terrific new gamelike programming experiences from our partners at Tynker!  After watching the Computer Science movies, students can developing their coding chops without leaving the BrainPOP environment!

We look forward to adding more topics to this unit in the coming year and beyond, including:

Boolean Logic
Web Design
Computational Thinking

We hope you find these topics helpful as you participate in the Hour of Code! Are there other subjects we should include in Computer Science? Reply in the comments below—we’d love to hear your thoughts.