Ninja Kitchen is now on GameUp

Posted by SM Bruner on

We at BrainPOP are super excited to present the Ninja Kitchen game from our partners at NMSU’s Learning Games Lab! Ninja Kitchen is a unique and innovative game that allows students in grades 3-8 to explore food safety skills within a fun and comical restaurant experience.

During game play, students will use their ninja food safety skills to prepare and serve orders at a lunch counter. Their customers are teenagers from the local high school, and they’re a bit impatient.  Students learn about hand-washing, avoiding cross-contamination, sanitizing surfaces, cooking foods to the proper temperature, and preventing food-borne disease and illness. As students move through the levels, the assignments get tougher, but students can use the money they earned at the lunch counter to buy magical tools and new powers to help them advance.

We recommend using the game in conjunction with the BrainPOP movie topics on Body Chemistry, Body Weight, Fats, Nutrition, and Obesity. Visit the Ninja Kitchen Lesson Ideas page for a lesson plan, teaching strategies for the game, and more.

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