Quandary Contest: Create Your Own Quandary Game Character!

Posted by cemignano on

Good news! Quandary, LGN’s award-winning game and a member of the GameUp network, is now available on iOS and Android tablets. On the mobile version, this interactive game continues to encourage players to practice making ethical decisions, but has also introduced 10 new in-game challenges and the ability for players to create their own characters.

To celebrate the release of Quandry’s mobile apps, LGN is hosting a Quandary contest that will take place throughout the fall. Players who create the most interesting characters will be awarded a role as a designer for the next full episode of Quandary in early 2014. As Quandary is mapped to the ELA Common Core State Standards, entering this contest could be a creative, standard-aligned project for an entire class, or an activity for individual students to complete on their own. For more information, be sure to visit the contest page.

Our friends at LGN and the MIT Education Arcade will be joining us for a webinar on October 23 at 3:30 pm ET. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the game, as well as all the contest details.

Be sure to visit our BrainPOP and the Common Core support page for more information.