A New Registration and Verification Process for BrainPOP Educators


As you may have heard, this fall we’ve launched My BrainPOP, a new tool that enables teachers and students to keep track of learning. Educators are able to set up “classes,” create and grade custom quizzes they’ve made with our Mixer, comment on activities, and much more. Students are able to see a history of movies they’ve watched, quizzes they’ve taken, and activities and games they’ve tackled. We’ve put together a collection of screencasts and support materials to help you learn about all the features My BrainPOP offers.

Right now, My BrainPOP is available to 24/7 school- and district-wide subscribers, at no additional cost. You may have access to these new features already!

In order to get started with My BrainPOP, you’ll need to complete a short new registration and verification process, during which you’ll be asked to enter an Educator Code. This complies with COPPA and helps us ensure that all student information is kept safe and private.

If you’re not sure what type of subscription you have, or if you don’t know your Educator Code, you can still begin the verification process. We’ll let you know what features you have access to and help you get the Educator Code as quickly as possible.  If you receive an error message, try clearing the cache on your web browser and try again.

To learn more about My BrainPOP, our new registration process, and more,  you can view our archived webinar covering the ins and outs of “My BrainPOP”.  This visual explanation of the educators code can help clarify too! Click this link if you need a BrainPOP Educators  password reminder.

And of course, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

  • schumacherd

    I Can’t find the part where I have to enter the educator code. Do I need to register or verify if I have a existing educators account?

    • http://BrainPOP.com agardnahh

      Thanks for reaching out! Since you have an existing BrainPOP Educator account, you need to verify that your school has a BrainPOP subscription. Once you’ve logged into BrainPOP educators, look on the upper right, click on your name and select “verify account.” That’s where you can put in the school’s username and password, and the new verification code. If you need more help, feel free to give us a call, or email.

      • ekbridgham

        I have clicked on my name but it does not say “verify account” it only sends me to new window to “link subscription” but does not ask for code there.

        • cemignano

          Hi there! It will ask you to verify your account after you enter your school’s username and password.

  • jonesm

    This is great, thanks for the details.

  • http://BrainPOP.com agardnahh

    We really appreciate your patience with our new system – we’ve already fixed some problems that you’ve reported today. Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming!

  • ekbridgham

    I just logged in but not sure if I have access to the subcription- it would not let me in with the educator code after I set up and activated my account.

  • ahoeffner

    I am trying to access a grams and kilograms movie on the jr site but I can’t get it, why?

    • cemignano

      Hi there! Do you have a BrainPOP Jr. subscription? If you do and you’re still having trouble, contact us at info@brainpop.com

  • edward.kunkel16

    need to set up classes in Brain Pop. How do I do it. I have directions but does not work.

  • rimo

    Hello I signed up and am still waiting for the confirmation e-mail… any idea why it has taken more than 3-5 days?

    • http://BrainPOP.com Andrew from BrainPOP

      HI @Rimo – since you’re able to comment here, it shows me that your account is activated – but if there are other problems, feel free to reach out directly to us educators@brainpop.com, or call for more support 866.542.7246

  • molly.stewart@christovalisd.org

    I am trying to log in to the educators section but it keeps telling me my log in is not active but it doesn’t give me any option to fix it.

    • cemignano

      Hi Molly! Since you’re able to comment here, that means your account is activated. If you’re still getting an error, please email us at educators@brainpop.com

  • janesykes

    I registered for the free educator program, confirmed my registration, but now can’t login. Is there a waiting period?

    • http://BrainPOP.com Andrew from BrainPOP

      HI Jane – Thanks for reaching out. Since you’re able to leave a comment that shows us that you have successfully created and activated a BrainPOP educators account. With your BrainPOP educators account, you can access all our professional development resources, however, If you’re hoping to watch BrainPOP movies, you may need to a paid BrainPOP subscription. You can find out more about subscriptions at brainpop.com/store. If you have any more questions, please let us know!

  • lcottrell

    This is way too hard to figure out. I had a teacher account but now am at 3 different schools. It took me way too much time to access my account because you have me linked to the wrong school. I had to go out and back in then half time I searched for something the screen went blank. Your stuff is good but very hard to access.

    • cemignano

      Hi there- Our apologies for the frustration! Were you able to get your account linked to the correct school? If you’re still having trouble, please email us at educators@brainpop.com

  • monsterz_babe

    excuse me I would like to know how to register for subscription for my child please if anyone knows comment below, thank you

  • ian123456789

    Same with me, when I try to log in it says account was not activated.what can I do?

    • http://BrainPOP.com Andrew from BrainPOP

      @ian123456789 Since you’re able to post here, it shows that your BrainPOP Educators account is active! Are you trying to access BrainPOP movies? If so, that requires a subscription. You can learn more about subscribing to BrainPOP here: https://secure.brainpop.com/store/step1/

  • mequonbrainpopesl

    Is it possible to work with two logins and passwords? My teacher could not activate her account and I tried as well. I went in to start the process over and changed our information and it works fine. In the meantime, her first attempt now works, so we have 2 BrainPop Educator accounts. Should one be deleted? Thanks.

    • cemignano

      Hi there! Every teacher should have their own individual BrainPOP Educators account. These accounts are not meant to be shared. On BrainPOP Educators teachers can comment on resources, and this is where they keep their quizzes (The Mixer) and classes (My BrainPOP)- all things they want to keep on their personal account.

  • e809999

    I’m trying to create a class. After clicked on “my classses” I see the link to this blog and not a page where I can add classes. What’s going wrong?

  • http://BrainPOP.com Andrew from BrainPOP

    @e809999 To set up a class, you need to add your school’s account information and educator code to your personal account. You can learn about registration and the educator code by watching this video! http://educators.brainpop.com/video/brainpop-educators-verification-code/