Battleship Numberline in the Wall Street Journal – Games Really Do Make a Difference!

Posted by cemignano on

Earlier this week, a Wall Street Journal article looked at the importance of mastering fractions in the early grades. Writer Sue Shellenbarger referenced Battleship Numberline – a GameUp title from our friends at Mathify (formerly Playpower Labs) – as an effective tool for teaching this often difficult concept.

Sue interviewed Karina Linch, our SVP of Product Management, as well as Ryan Spence, technology integration specialist with Propel Schools. Ryan says that Battleship Numberline helps clarify basic fraction concepts, and that after an hour of game play, all his students were able to achieve a perfect score on a fraction assessment!

See for yourself – head to GameUp for a round of Battleship Numberline. If your students aren’t currently working on fractions, note that the game also offers the option of playing with whole numbers and decimals.