New on GameUp: Carpenter’s Cut

Posted by SM Bruner on

BrainPOP is excited to include Carpenter’s Cut in our collection of Math, Engineering and Technology games on GameUp! Developed by our partner Hooda Math, the Carpenter’s Cut game allows students to take on the role of a carpenter who needs to cut planks of wood. Younger students will practice equal grouping in early levels of the game, while older students practice measurement, factoring, division, and algebra as they cut slabs of wood in the advanced game levels.

This is a good game to play with paper and a pencil alongside so that students don’t have to do all the calculations in their heads. Encourage students to reference their scratch paper after game play when they’re reflecting on what they learned.

You can use our lesson plan entitled Real World Measurement Lesson Ideas: Carpenter’s Cut Game, which is adaptable for grades 2-7, to learn how this game can be incorporated into your classroom instruction. Through the lesson, students will explore authentic contexts for measurement skills, then work collaboratively to create math word problems that include real world measurement scenarios. The lesson includes game-specific teaching strategy tips and differentiation strategies to help you meet the needs of all learners.

If you like Carpenter’s Cut, be sure to check out Dublox, another terrific math game from Hooda Math which allows students to test their spatial and transformation skills. Hooda Math games are all created by a former math teacher in the Minneapolis Public School system, and we’re proud to feature them!