New School Year, New BrainPOP: 5 New Features

Posted by Andrew Gardner on


Thought you knew everything about BrainPOP?  Think again!  This school year we are rolling out many new features and functions that will take your BrainPOPpin’ to another level!

1) My BrainPOP – Finally the ability to track student progress without having to print BrainPOP quizzes or check your email inbox for quiz scores. My BrainPOP offers students and teachers the tools to record learning accomplishments from game play, activities, quizzes, and more.  Learn how to get started by viewing our collection of My BrainPOP screencasts.

2) The Mixer – Mixing your own BrainPOP Style quiz has never been easier!   The Mixer now features a simpler interface, the ability to add images to question stems, and a new location: find it within the context of BrainPOP Educators.  Combining My BrainPOP and the Mixer can help support a paperless feedback system between you and your students!  Learn more by viewing our collection of Mixer Screencasts.

lessonideasbutton3) BrainPOP Educators “Lesson Ideas” Pages – That shiny green and teal button is your gateway to topic specific teacher support materials.  Whether you’re on BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr. or GameUp, each topic or game has a customized collection of lesson plans, support videos, useful graphic organizers and quick tips.  From quick ideas to detailed lesson plans, these teacher support resources are great for the rookie or veteran teacher alike!  Check out our complete index of over 750 BrainPOP Lesson Ideas pages!

4) Common Core Standard Alignments —  We believe that BrainPOP can help students demonstrate true understanding that the Common Core demands.  Therefore, where appropriate, we’ve done the hard work – hand aligning each BrainPOP topic, GameUp game and all lesson plans on BrianPOP Educators to the Common Core State Standards. Each individual “Lesson Ideas” page has a list of alignments in the left column. Learn more by viewing our informative webinar about BrainPOP’s approach to the Common Core State Standards.We also have a short screencast illustrating the location of the Common Core alignments on BrainPOP educators support resources. Or you can visit our BrainPOP and the Common Core support page .

5) BrainPOP Mobile —  You may already know that BrainPOP has apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire, but  you may not know that “my BrainPOP” and the Mixer both work well on mobile devices!  Now, you can create a quiz, provide feedback on student work, and explore support materials – all from the browser on your mobile device.

Want to know more about all our new developments, be sure to visit BrainPOP Educators regularly!