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New Games on GameUp: Checks and Balances & Branches of Government

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We’ve added two new games to GameUp from our friends at Sheppard Software – Checks and Balances & Branches of Government!

Designed for grades 3-8, Checks and Balances guides students in exploring the functions of the three U.S. branches of government. Focusing on the checks and balances process, students will review the procedure for ensuring an equal distribution of power among the executive, judicial, and legislative branches. Students can finish the game by placing key terms in the correct space that properly completes the phrases describing government powers.

Further explore the powers of the three branches of the United States government with Branches of Government, also for grades 3-8. While playing this game, students will call on their knowledge of the U.S. government to determine the responsibilities of the judicial, executive, and legislative branches of government. To complete the game, students must successfully categorize government responsibilities such passing bills, interpreting laws, and setting foreign policy.

Be sure to click on the “Lesson Ideas” button included on each game page! Both of these interactive games are supported with educator resources to support you in using these games to guide instruction. Use these games with the resources included in our Law spotlight and you’ll have the perfect tools to to support a unit on the U.S. government!

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