Addition Blocks Comes to GameUp

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Addition Blocks is the newest math game to be featured on GameUp!  Back in 2011, the Federal Department of Education’s Digital Promise Initiative announced the STEM Video Game Challenge, and Georgia based mathematics teacher Martin Esterman created Addition Blocks to help students build fluency with basic addition facts.  Combining “Tetris like” spacial reasoning with multiple digit addition, the game went on to win the competition and establish Martin as a force in the world of independent education video game development.

Martin presented about the importance of helping students build fluency with addition facts and how Addition Blocks supports that goal as part of the the BrainPOP Educators webinar series in May 2013.  You can view an archived version of the webinar and hear from the man himself.

Addition blocks is a great game for building fluency, but can be very frustrating for students who are still developing conceptual understanding.  Be sure to read Martin’s Research Summary to determine which students this game is most useful for!