GameUp on BrainPOP Jr. is now Live!

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Now you can access GameUp right from the BrainPOP Jr. homepage and K-3 students can “Play. Seriously.”

Many of BrainPOP Jr.’s GameUp partners will sound familiar: Common Sense Media, New Mexico State University, Space Science Institute, State of Play, and Center for Game Science. We collaborated with them on BrainPOP’s GameUp and now their K-3 friendly games also appear on BrainPOP Jr.’s GameUp. We’re also collaborating with new partners to meet the needs of K-3 learners, and we’re particularly excited to work with the Electric Company! Check out their games Word Transformer, Sort it Out, and Manny’s Word Mangler. They explore phonics and students break apart words or add letters to create new words.

You can play the games on GameUp without a subscription, but in order to explore the movies that go along with the games, you’ll need to be a subscriber. Each game is K-3 friendly and allows students to apply what they’ve learned on BrainPOP Jr. The games are great ways to extend the topics and they encourage students to think critically, solve problems, find patterns, and connect concepts. They’re engaging, fun, and challenging. Every game is tailored to K-3 curriculum, from phonics to place value, and each game has a game quiz and lesson ideas, too!

Every BrainPOP Jr. topic has always had a game, but now some topics have more than one game! For example, clicking the game button on the Long A topic page will take students to a collection of related GameUp games and the movie specific BrainPOP Jr. game. Students are now given more to encourage a rich learning experience.

We’ll be adding more games to GameUp on BrainPOP Jr. soon. Game on!

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