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Teaching Digital Citizenship with 2 New Games from Common Sense Media

Posted by SM Bruner on

We’re big believers in the importance of teaching digital citizenship, and we know many teachers and parents turn to BrainPOP for resources to help reinforce these important 21st century skills. So we’re incredibly proud to partner with Common Sense Media and expand our GameUp offerings to include two new free games designed for students in grades 3-8:Search Shark: This game is a fun way to help students learn how to choose effective keywords when searching online. With Search Shark, students practice selecting keywords that are most relevant to a search prompt. Along the way, students discover hints for narrowing their search results, as well as how to identify the most effective keywords for different search scenarios. Check out our internet search lesson plan for Search Shark for ways that you can use this game to help your students learn how to conduct internet searches effectively.Share Jumper: In this game, students are encouraged to reflect on the benefits of sharing online as well as the drawbacks, as they experience just how quickly information spreads online. They’ll learn to classify information that should be kept private online, and predict the effect that an online post or message might have on someone’s reputation. Students are also reminded that nothing is truly “private” or “erasable” online. Don’t miss our sharing information on the internet lesson plan for Share Jumper for specific ways you can use this game when teaching digital citizenship skills.