Fact and Opinion – A New Topic on BrainPOP to Support the Common Core State Standards

Posted by cemignano on

Tim and Moby break down how to distinguish between truth and opinion in BrainPOP’s newest movie, Fact and Opinion. Students are presented with the concept that facts are supported by evidence that can prove the validity of the statement, while opinions are based on personal beliefs and judgements. They’ll also walk away from this movie understanding the difference between an informed opinion and an uninformed one, and how bias or conviction can blur the line between truth and fiction.

The creation of this movie further expands our collection of content that supports the rigorous standards today’s students are expected to meet. Forming sound, evidence-based arguments and critiquing others’ claims are central components of the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards. These skills have broad academic and “real world” applications, from science to English to media literacy. A solid grasp of the difference between facts and opinions–as well as how facts must underpin informed opinions–is a building block for these habits of mind.

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