Bring Earth Awareness into the Classroom with the Mixer!

Posted by cemignano on

Recognize Earth Awareness month with BrainPOP’s spotlight and the Mixer! Our Earth Awareness spotlight includes environmentally friendly topics such as Wind Energy, Recycling, and Hybrid Cars to reinforce students’ understanding of what they can do to help our environment. We’ve even included lesson plans and games to further support this important topic. Once you’ve taken the time to explore our April spotlight, test your students’ earth awareness by creating a unique, BrainPOP quiz using the Mixer. Choose from hundreds of earth-focused quiz questions, or craft some of your own to customize and remix a quiz that meets the specific needs of your class.

To get started, you’ll need a BrainPOP Educators account that is linked to your BrainPOP subscription. For tips and tricks on using this valuable tool, be sure to check out the Mixer screencast.