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Submit a Project to the Horizon Project Navigator

Posted by cemignano on

The Horizon K12 Report board, including BrainPOP’s very own Dr. Kari Stubbs, is always in search of exciting and innovative project contributions to include in their annual Horizon Report, and projects submitted to the Horizon Project Navigator are automatically candidates for inclusion in a future issue. Take a look at some of the projects your fellow educators have submitted and perhaps you’ll be inspired to submit one of your own. BrainPOP’s GameUp, Mixer, mobile apps and more could be the perfect focus for a project submission!

The Horizon Project Navigator is an interactive social media platform that gives educators the opportunity to utilize the Horizon Project’s extensive database of edtech related articles, research, and projects. Users have the ability to contribute their own thoughts, ratings, and analysis on each item in the collection, further extending the conversation among educators around the world.