BizWorld 4.0 Has Arrived

Posted by cemignano on

Our friends at BizWorld have recently revised their program! We were pleased to share their exciting resources for Global Entrepreneurship Week back in November, and they’ve now made their program better than ever.

The BizWorld Foundation has worked to improve their program while continuing to focus on their main goal: to provide teachers an interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum unit to help them teach the basics of business and finance to their students, while reinforcing 21st Century skills. Based on the feedback of their users, they’ve upgraded their features to include a streamlined curriculum, more user friendly teacher and student support resources, extension activities, technology tips, and more. Paired with BrainPOP’s Money Matters spotlight, BizWorld is an excellent resource for focusing on financial literacy in the classroom.

Hurry, hurry! To celebrate the launch of the brand-new BizWorld 4.0, the organization is offering a special download of the program for teachers for a limited time.