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Differentiation, Genetics and Test Prep: More Creative Use of the BrainPOP Mixer

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

For years BrainPOP educators have been asking for the ability to modify and create their own BrainPOP quizzes to differentiate for various groups of students.  Now, with the introduction of the BrainPOP Mixer, that request has been fulfilled! Many of our teacher subscribers have taken advantage of this exciting development and are especially excited about the advent of open ended response questions in addition to the traditional selective response.

At BrainPOP Educators, we regularly look for interesting ways that people are using the Mixer, and recently came across some gems!  BrainPOP Educator @joggerstc has been creating 2 versions of each quiz for her classes in Sullivan School district in MO, this is a great way to differentiate for students on various levels.  @ginakay created a quiz describing scenarios that illustrate mental health disorders, the answers are the disorders themselves! Educator @mzmorgan22 designed 2 mid year review quizzes with no less that 175 questions each!  Now that’s test prep!

Have you mixed a quiz recently?  If not, check out this tutorial, and get started today!