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Make President’s Day POP with GameUp and the Mixer!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Between the State of the Union address, the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address and President’s Day, there’s a reason that our February Spotlight is US Presidents! Between GameUp, the Mixer and our world famous movies, this year we have more content than ever for you to help support your teaching! Want students to experience a day in the president’s shoes? Social Studies teachers rave about the effectiveness of iCivics game Executive Command on GameUp. In this a powerful roleplaying game a player must balance roles and responsibilities of the commander in chief, while also trying to push along a specific agenda. Helps you realize what a thankless and difficult job it must be!

Want to learn more about the history of men who served in the Oval Office? Search BrainPOP for presidents and find individual topic pages over a dozen former heads of state including our newest movies about Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Interested in creating your own quiz for the presidential spotlight?  Check out the Mixer, where nearly fifty individual quizzes with hundreds of question are waiting for you to customize, remix and make just right for your students.

Between GameUp, the Mixer and new topic pages, this year BrainPOP is bringing Presidents Day to life!