EdSurge Turns Two!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

With a witty, thoughtful and objective writing style, our friends over at EdSurge have spent the last 2 years developing the “go to” newsletters and website for the latest and greatest developments in the education technology industry. If you aren’t yet subscribing, you can sign up for both the original EdSurge newsletter, that covers the entire edtech ecosystem and EdSurge-Instruct: a more Teacher-focused edition. Signing up doesn’t cost a thing, and the benefits of knowing recent developments in edtech is great!

To celebrate their second birthday, the writing staff at EdSurge asked industry players, including BrainPOP’s own COO Din Hieman, a series of thought provoking questions. What would you change in a school day? Who was your most memorable teacher and why? Sign up for the newsletter and read the amusing and intriguing answers to these questions from educators, entrepreneurs and other people of note. Once subscribed, you’ll continue reaping the benefit of EdSurge newsletters every week in your inbox!