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Using BrainPOP to Teach about the Flu

Posted by SM Bruner on

Need to teach about the Flu? Experts say the flu epidemic is worse this winter than in recent years, and right now, the flu season is at its peak. You can use BrainPOP resources to help your students understand how the flu is spread and how they can stay healthy.

Start by checking out our Flu and Flu Vaccine topic page to see how the movie, quiz, and related activities can show students how the flu vaccine works to stop the flu. Our What to Do About the Flu lesson plan provides ideas for integrating this movie topic into your instruction, and also provides ideas for utilizing our other movies related to the flu.

For younger students, our Putting Germs to the Test lesson plan will show you how to use BrainPOP Jr.’s Washing Hands movie and Colds and Flu movie to teach children how viruses are spread. In the lesson, students explore ways to prevent the flu by brainstorming and interviewing experts, and raise awareness of prevention measures by creating posters.

How are YOU teaching students to stay healthy and prevent the spread of flu viruses? Share your ideas in the comments!