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New on GameUp: Quandary Learning Game

Posted by SM Bruner on

We’re  excited to announce that the Quandary learning game is the latest game to be added to BrainPOP’s GameUp! This free online game is designed to help students in grades 3-12 practice critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Quandary takes place on a fictional planet called Braxos. Throughout the game, players must make difficult decisions in which there are no clear right or wrong answers, but there are important consequences to themselves, to others in the colony, and to the planet Braxos. In their interactions with other settlers in the futuristic colony, players must consider facts, opinions and solutions, just like in real life.

There are three episodes (scenarios) in Quandary. In Episode 1: Lost Sheep, a predator native to Braxos is attacking the sheep that the colony uses for food and clothes, but players learn that the predator also has medicinal value that could help the colonists fight disease. In Episode 2: Water War, the community’s public water well appears to be polluted, and the only other well belongs to a colonist who is charging for access. In Episode 3: Fashion Faction, the colony’s tailor has started making special alterations to the standard uniform for his friends, which some colonists say is dividing the community.

Each episode takes about 10-30 minutes to complete, depending on the speed of the player. The episodes don’t have to be completed in order, but the whole class should explore the same episode simultaneously to facilitate meaningful discussions afterward. Quandary’s registration system allows players to save their progress after each episode and return by logging-in at a different time. It’s not necessary to register to play the game, but note that progress will not be saved.

On the Quandary Teacher’s Page, you can view a 5 minute video showing how Quandary is being used in the classroom. A printable game guide and lesson plan with tips on implementing the game are also available.

You can also access BrainPOP’s lesson plan for Quandary, which is designed to meet the following standards:

  • Apply critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills to online game play and writing tasks.
  • Analyze situations from multiple perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Distinguish between facts, opinions, and solutions.
  • Demonstrate 21st century skills such as global awareness, information literacy, communication, and collaboration.

Visit the Quandary standards mapping page to see a complete list of skills and concepts addressed through the game.