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2012 BrainPOP Top 10!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

As we reach the end of the year, we reflect on the developments and accomplishments at BrainPOP over the past twelve months. So here it is, the BrainPOP top 10 highlights of 2012!

10) Few in New York City were spared the devastation of Hurricane Sandy this fall.  This included many employees at BrainPOP and our office space too. Even without electricity, running water or heat many members of our district relations, customer support and production teams all rallied to help each other and did their best to continue working with you too.  We made BrainPOP free for the week as many schools along the North East and Mid Atlantic coasts were closed.

9) On the second to last day of August, we were pleasantly surprised to see BrainPOP’s mobile apps featured on the Today Show in a segment entitled “Best Back to School Apps”  with former child star (and parenting expert), Soleil Moon-Frye!

8) BrainPOP attended and sponsored our first show in Australia – As part of the ISTE Australia Study tour, VP of 21st century learning, Kari Stubbs, presented at the prestigious ACEC conference!

7) The family of BrainPOP APPs including BrianPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP UK and BrainPOP Español were downloaded over 2 million times!

6) GameUp continued gaining popularity with students logging over 1 million hours of play!

5) On the educators blog, we featured dozens of featured teacher guest bloggers and their clever ideas.  From creating Common Core aligned quizzes with the Mixer, to using Promethean ActivResponse SRS, our guest bloggers have shared tons of great ideas for using BrainPOP with students.  Care to guest blog about your great ideas? Drop us a line 🙂

4) BrainPOP began providing educators with relevant teaching materials on the redesigned Lesson Plans and Teaching Tools pages.  Now instead of searching through BrainPOP Educators for lesson plans and teaching resources, we are serving them up the most topic related materials directly to you!

3) Food Fight and Guts and Bolts, both games built by BrainPOP’s game team made their debut on GameUp. In August, Guts n’ Bolts won a prestigious Gold Medal award at the serious play conference in Redmond Washington!

2) Just in time of the new year,  BrainPOP Educators reached over 250,000 registered members!

and.  . .  drum roll please . . . #1!

1) In response to the consistent requests of BrainPOPpers everywhere, BrainPOP introduced the BrainPOP Mixer  The Mixer tool allows you to customize and create your own Brainpop quizzes. For the first time in history, teachers can create their own, custom content using BrainPOP.

So that’s the 2012 top ten.  Didn’t see a highlight that you think should be there? Leave your suggestion in the comments below!  Thanks for using BrainPOP this year, and keep coming back – we have lot in store for 2013!