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Learning about Blood Through GameUp’s Free Online Games

Posted by SM Bruner on

Are your students learning about blood typing, blood transfusions, or blood sugar? Are they exploring the human immune system or how the circulatory system works? The free collection of science and math games on BrainPOP’s GameUp can help! Here’s how:

The Blood Typing game teaches students about blood types and blood transfusions. They’ll be challenged to save patients in urgent need of blood transfusions!

The Diabetic Dog game allows students to learn about blood sugar levels as they care for a diabetic dog. Students will learn how to monitor and control blood sugar so that it doesn’t get too high or low.

Immune Defender is your students’ chance to see what happens if you get a breach in the skin. They’ll try to use white blood cells called granulocytes to get rid of bacteria that have gathered around a wound, and defeat the infection.

Last but not least, our Guts and Bolts game teaches students about the interplay of human body systems. They’ll create a simulation of a circulatory system as they help Moby construct a cyborg Tim.

How do you use help students learn about topics related to blood? Share your ideas in the comments!