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Games Sessions at the Global Education Conference

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

The third annual Global Education Conference will be held next week November 12-16th, and BrainPOP is thrilled to be sponsoring the many game-based learning and game design sessions. This year’s entirely virtual conference has an ambitious schedule filled with over 300 sessions, presented over the course of five days in all the time zones around the world!  So how, you may ask, is game- based learning connected to global education?  Doing a quick search for “games” in the accepted conference sessions provides a clear answer!

Take, for example, Monday’s session at 1 pm ET, “Video Games for Global Learning.” It features Terry Heick, Director of Curriculum and Social Learning Facilitator at the Institute for Habits of Mind.  Terry will provide tips and tricks for how to integrate video games that address global issues into formal learning environments.

Later on Monday, at 9 pm ET, check out “Developing Global Competencies through Gamified Units” with Amanda Pratt and Tim Saunders from the Coalition for Gameful Learning.   Learn about two case studies that demonstrate how teachers can use game structures in their classrooms to engage students in meaningful learning while developing global competencies.

There are even more terrific sessions from our GameUp partners.  Global Kids, co-creators of “Ayiti, the Cost of Life,” lead a session entitled “Developing Global Citizenship Skills Through Game Design.”  Learning Games Network, one of the driving sources behind GameUp’s beloved “Lure of the Labyrinth” titles, presents “Play Games-Learn English: Learning Games Network and Game-Based Language Learning Resources.” In it, they’ll  present Xenos-ISLE an individualized and responsive English language teaching game. We’ve seen this one demonstrated here at the BrainPOP offices, and take our word, it’s amazing!

Continue checking back at BrainPOP Educators for more information about game-related sessions at the Global Education Conference. Hope to see you online!