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Mixing Your Way Through Election Season

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Have you been using games on GameUp to help your students understand themes of this election season?  If so, you might be interested in two new quizzes that we’ve created specific to this year’s presidential contest. First, is the all important Election Year Economics quiz that ties right in to Budget Hero Election Edition.  With open ended questions about swing states and resource allocation, this quiz is sure to promote thoughtful dialogue with your students. Want to quiz your students on other aspects of the election, you can always mix your own, custom quiz using the mixer. With access to over 10,000 BrainPOP questions, and the ability to write your  own, it’s never been easier to customize your students’ BrainPOP experience.  You can learn how to use the tool by watching our quick overview video. Also, searching for more election ideas? Be sure to visit out “spotlights” page, join the election discussion group, or view our archived webinar with our friends from iCivics.