New Content on BrainPOP ELL

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Have you checked out BrainPOP ELL lately? If so, you may have noticed our new content: Level 3, Unit 4! We are excited to announce the launch of this new unit, which brings BrainPOP ELL up to 80 specific lessons! In addition to exploring higher level grammatical concepts, the movies are also increasingly content-driven – a development that can help all students.

Take, for example, “A High Probability” (Level 3, Unit 4, Lesson 3). This BrainPOP ELL topic page focuses on infinitive verbs, but also explains the mathematical concept of probability. Learners essentially get two lessons in one.

Beyond the new content, BrainPOP ELL has new features too. “Words to Know,” the all-important word introduction feature accompanying each lesson, now includes “Word Connections.” “Word Connections” explains various verb forms in the classic visual, clear style you’ve come to expect from BrainPOP.

Powerful new reading and writing extension activities highlight specific forms of written expression. Within “A High Probability,” the “Read It” activity invites students to explore a persuasive essay, with thoughtful multiple choice comprehension questions that engage readers. The “Write It” section delves further into the art of persuasion by prompting students to write an advertisement within the structure of a five-paragraph essay. In fact, the entire fourth unit is dedicated to various forms of persuasive writing, which is useful for ELL and native speakers alike.

For educators, a visit to the “Teaching Tools” section yields detailed step by step procedures for implementing the lesson and includes links to useful supplemental resources. You will notice Common Core alignment as well. Also, be sure to visit our BrainPOP and the Common Core support page for more information.

If you haven’t had a chance to explore BrainPOP ELL, we encourage you to take advantage of its free preview content. We’re confident you’ll like what you see!