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Students as Beta Testers

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Yesterday we put out a request on behalf of our friends at E-line Media, who are inviting classes to become beta testers for their new “Real Robots of Robot High” game.  Today we share with you some feedback from former GameUp beta testers who helped guide development of our award winning game, Guts and Bolts!

I recently received a letter from an Astoria, NY student named Sheikh that put a huge smile on my face. He and his class play tested BrainPOP’s newest game, Guts and Bolts, back when it was still in development. Sheikh and his classmates shared valuable feedback that strongly influenced the game, and they were ecstatic to see that their input showed up in the game! Sheikh shares:

“A few days ago my friend and I played that game again at our school. While playing we saw changes that we talked about to make the game better. We feel really glad and proud to see those changes. We appreciate the whole team of BrainPOP for making our opinions part of that game.”

The feedback they suggested included adding additional sound effects and hints, color changes, and improved in-game feedback.

Student and teacher feedback is key to all of our products. If you’re interested in having your class play test and share feedback with us, please join the BrainPOP Beta Testers group.