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BrainPOP’s Election Spotlight and Upcoming Events

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

This month BrainPOP’s spotlight is “Elections”, and we at BrainPOP educators are excited to help share the best online resources for engaging students in the 2012 campaign! These election spotlights include a wide variety of scheduled events and features lined up, from a webinar with GameUp partner iCivics to a new discussion group for Featured Movies and lesson ideas, so come back often for special announcements and top notch guidance for your classroom.

This Wednesday, the country will be abuzz in anticipation of the first presidential debate. Familiarize your students with the issues with  our role playing games on GameUp. One recently released game, Budget Hero, Election Edition, helps players understand the  difficult decisions involved in creating a balanced budget: a clear theme in the presidential campaign to date. Consider playing the game in school on Wednesday and then having students watch the debate as homework: tell them to listen to which parts of the federal budget are addressed. Or, follow one of our detailed budget based lesson plans. We have so many topic pages dedicated to many themes of the election; join our group discussion to share your ideas and learn from others using BrainPOP content too!