Want to Guest Blog for BrainPOP?

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We love to hear stories about how teachers and students are using BrainPOP in the classroom, and we’re currently accepting guest blog post submissions. Whether your students use BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP ESL, BrainPOP Español, or any other product in our suite of resources–we want to hear about it!

Tell us about a cool BrainPOP-integrated project you’ve done with your class, a daily routine you’ve set up using BrainPOP resources, or an innovative way to teach, reinforce, or assess concepts with BrainPOP. Or, have your students write about why they love BrainPOP and how it helps them learn!

Email us a short post (along with a few images of BrainPOP being used in your classroom and/or a link to your website/blog, if you’d like.) Feel free to attach any handouts, study guides, or printable resources you’ve made that correlate with our movie topics. Who knows–YOUR post might be the next one you see here on the blog!


  • jrceloni

    I just attended GameON webinar. We’re doing BrainPOP pilot in 12 schools but I didn’t know GameON was a free resource. We walked through a couple of games and had a chance to try others during the webinar. I’m new to game-based learning, but some of our teachers have already given good feedback re BrainPOP and GBL in general. I have a lot to learn. Thanks. jrceloni